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Reel2Reel Talk is a website dedicated to bringing new and unique content to those who have a passion for TV and Film. We bring you original interviews, articles and reviews alongside much more.

Our goal is to publish a variety of content delving into the real aspects of this industry with the internal and external perspectives of members of the business from across the globe.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Davina Baynes. After several years of experience as an Entertainment Industry writer, interviewer and editor I wanted to create a site of my own, where people could access a truly wide range of content about the real entertainment industry, to suit different interests and lifestyles. I have a passion for Film and TV worldwide and for those that work tooth and nail to bring us entertainment which enthrals and excites us, as well as touching our deepest emotions.

Logo for Reel 2 Reel Talk

About our logo

We thought long and hard about what our logo should be and what it should mean. So… this is our logo:

Two “reels” touching each other; it looks like a pair of eyes; the Roman numeral for 2; double Greek letter Phi, in perceptual psychology the phi phenomenon is the apparent motion caused by the successive viewing of stationary objects, such as the frames of a motion picture.