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The Valhalla Murders: Netflix ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes This review is following a second watch of The Valhalla Murders. I first watched this show on BBC but the rewatch was on Netflix U.K. (it is a Netflix co-production). I enjoyed the show the first time but I was particularly interested in what I would make of this series upon a subsequent watch. So… what did I make of The Valhalla Murders take 2?

Biohackers: Netflix Original ~ A Bite-Sized Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes 🇩🇪BIOHACKERS🇩🇪  Biohackers (2020-) is a German drama, sci-fi, thriller. A Netflix Original series. Two seasons to date. S1 6 x 40-46 min; S2 6 x 38-45 min. 15 Cert U.K. Available with subtitles and also dubbed. Premise:  A medical student enters a top German university on a secret mission to uncover a conspiracy linking a family

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