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Think Lovely Thoughts: A Short Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes 🇺🇸 Think Lovely Thoughts 🇺🇸 Think Lovely Thoughts, a new short film written and directed by Stephen Snavely, is now on its way to film festivals. I feel very privileged to have had a chance to watch this 15-minute exploration of an man’s experience of living with mental health issues.  Synopsis:  “Think Lovely Thoughts follows a young

Trapped S1 ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Trapped was the first Icelandic TV series to make an impact internationally. Having watched both series a while back I was intrigued as to what my reaction might be upon a revisit to season 1.

JJ+E: Netflix ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes JJ+E is a teen movie and while watching and thinking about it I have borne this strongly in mind. For full disclosure, it is a VERY long time since I was a teenager! However, I do not expect a teen movie to be one designed to appeal to adults who may have watched loads of the genre in the past. Nevertheless, teen films do still need to work as films, so does JJ+E do that?

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