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Outlier~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes Outlier is the first offering from Walter Presents U.K. for 2020 and despite its rather poor IMDb rating (5.9/10 at time of posting) and no award nominations or wins, it appealed due to its premise and the fact that it has Saami being spoken, a relatively rare feature. What did I make of this Norwegian series?

Riders of Justice ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes A multi-award-winning film with Mads Mikkelsen in the lead and a very impressive supporting cast you say? Having followed the progress of this film when it was released noticing its appearance on Sky Cinema it seemed too much of a good thing to turn down.

Anxious People ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Having watched film adaptations of some of Fredrik Backman’s novels I reckon I am fairly familiar with his style. All of his stories seem to involve “ordinary” people or at least people who initially appear to be ordinary. They have humour and a tenderness mixed in with social and other issues. Never heavy-handed and always leaving food for thought after the laughter fades. In this respect, Anxious People is no different and anyone expecting a straight comedy will not be getting what they anticipated.

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