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Outlier~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes Outlier is the first offering from Walter Presents U.K. for 2020 and despite its rather poor IMDb rating (5.9/10 at time of posting) and no award nominations or wins, it appealed due to its premise and the fact that it has Saami being spoken, a relatively rare feature. What did I make of this Norwegian series?

Riders of Justice ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes A multi-award-winning film with Mads Mikkelsen in the lead and a very impressive supporting cast you say? Having followed the progress of this film when it was released noticing its appearance on Sky Cinema it seemed too much of a good thing to turn down.

Anxious People ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Having watched film adaptations of some of Fredrik Backman’s novels I reckon I am fairly familiar with his style. All of his stories seem to involve “ordinary” people or at least people who initially appear to be ordinary. They have humour and a tenderness mixed in with social and other issues. Never heavy-handed and always leaving food for thought after the laughter fades. In this respect, Anxious People is no different and anyone expecting a straight comedy will not be getting what they anticipated.

Quo Vadis, Aida? ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 10 minutes Quo Vadis, Aida? Where are you going, Aida? Essentially I wanted to see this film because it had just won Best International Film at the European Film Awards in Berlin, beating films such as Compartment No. 6 (Finland), The Hand of God (Italy) and Titane (France). I knew it was set during the Bosnian war and was about Srebrenica, but honestly, I was not prepared for what unfolded over the coming 1 hour and 41 minutes. That said, this human, heart-rending film, has to be seen, because we must not be complacent in thinking that history does not ever repeat itself, it does, time and time again.

The Girl From Oslo ~ Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes A dual location TV series always has a certain appeal for me, and in this case, the unusual combinations of Norway and Israel seemed to offer something different. This combined with a couple of cast members in lead roles that I was already familiar with (Anneke von der Lippe and Andrea Berntzen) made this an appealing series to watch. But would it fulfil its promise?

Syysprinssi (Love and Fury) ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes Syysprinssi (Love and Fury) arrived on Netflix U.K. in November 2021 and grabbed my attention principally because one of the co-stars is Lauri Tilkanen who I already knew from Deadwind and the Finnish film Tom of Finland which I recently watched and reviewed. The premise of this newly arrived feature film was immediately appealing (as was the trailer) especially as it reminded me a little of Joachim Trier’s Reprise. What would make of this, my second Finnish film?

Shorta (Enforcement) ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 8 minutes Having followed the progress of Shorta through the film festivals and seeing that it received both nominations and awards I was keen to watch it. The promise and trailer were appealing and I was familiar with some of the cast (see Notes above) from other productions. I have a fondness for gritty, realistic productions so this seemed to be offering something I would like, so once it appeared on Netflix I leapt at the chance to watch.

Elves: Netflix ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes Do these people never watch horror movies? You know the ones, those who hire a remote cabin in a forest… on an island with locals that most likely will look at you weirdly and seem to belong to some kind of cult… Well, it is just as well that the Svane family in Elves have clearly never seen a horror film to know that they really should have looked on Trip Advisor first!

Bordertown: Mural Murders ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes It is December and winter here in the U.K. so what could be better than hunkering down in front of the TV with a hot drink and watching a film from a country where winters are considerably colder, Finland? Not only that but a film that would feature some characters I already know so well from Bordertown the series. What would it be like meeting up again with Kari, Lena and more after all this time? Would this film “do it” for me, or not? I was keen to find out while trying to not fall into the “overhyped” trap (we have all done it from time to time).


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