Fluerne På Væggen: A Non-Spoiler Review

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Fluerne På Væggen aka Flies on the Wall (2005) is a Danish thriller feature film available on Netflix U.K. 1 hour 32 minutes in length. In Danish with subtitles.


“A tough, cute film director is hired to make a documentary about a municipality and its domineering mayor/”king”. Something’s very wrong but she continues and gets intimate with the married mayor.” IMDb


Trine Dyrholm as My Larsen
Lars Brygmann as Sven Balder
Kurt Ravn as Arne Thorsen
Henrik Prip as Peter Friis
Lars Ranthe as Journalist
Ida Dwinger as Receptionist
Mogens Rex as Berggren


Writers: Lars Kjeldgård, Åke Sandgren
Director: Åke Sandgren
Composer: Kaare Bjerkø
Cinematographer: Erik Molberg Hansen
Editor: Kasper Leick


The basic concept of Flies on the Wall works very well, especially bearing in mind its title. In fact it’s a pity it isn’t listed under its English title on Netflix because the title does matter.

It’s interesting to follow My and her camera around as the story develops and we meet more characters. It can be a little jarring when it switches away from it being her filming and to what I suppose you could describe as ordinary filming. There were also quite a few times when I got pulled out of it by what we saw but, actually, this all makes sense in the end.

I can see exactly why the editor of this film won an award because it is the quality of editing that is fundamental in conveying the story. The camerawork is very good although the unavoidable use of shaky cam may not be to everyone’s taste (it’s not also called “queasy cam” for nothing). This technique certainly gives it an immediate and documentary feel.

The acting throughout Flies on the Wall is excellent, especially by Trine Dyrholm as My Larsen who is present for the overwhelming majority of the film.

I would have liked to have seen more depth built up through the film for some characters who did seem rather 2-dimensional.

I’m loathe to discuss Flies on the Wall in too much detail because I don’t want to spoil the plot. However, suffice to say, although the story meanders a bit the pay-off made it a worthwhile watch for me.


2 Wins & 8 Nominations
Wins include:
Bodil Awards (2006) ~ Best Actress
Danish Film Awards (Robert) (2006) ~ Best Editor

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