Asphalt Burning: Netflix ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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Image shows photo montage of scenes from Asphalt Burning. Central image is of a theatrical poster for the movie, featuring a Porsche in the mountains.

🇳🇴 Asphalt Burning 🇳🇴

Asphalt Burning (2020) aka Børning 3 is a Norwegian action-adventure-comedy film new on Netflix. 1 hr 40 min. 12 Cert UK. Available with subtitles, sections are in English, Swedish and German with Norwegian.


Anders Baasmo Christiansen as Roy
Kathrine Thorborg Johansen as Sylvia
Ida Husoy as Nina
Ruby O. Fee as Romy
Trond Halbo as TT
Sven Nordin as Doffen
Otto Jespersen as Nybakken
Björn Kjellman as Roy (Swedish)
Kostja Ullmann as Roy (German)
Alexandra Maria Lara as Robyn
Henrik Mestad as Philip Mønk
Henning Baum as Lemmy
Peter Kurth as Kurt (German police officer)
Milan Peschel as Berry (German police officer)
Wenche Myhre as herself


🎬Director: Hallvard Bræin
🎥 Cinematographer:
🖊 Writer: Christopher Grøndahl and Kjetil Indregard


“When the brakes slam on his wedding, Roy accepts a challenge from a new foe to race for his runaway bride at the iconic Nürburgring track in Germany.”


Some very well-known actors are in this movie such as:
Sven Nordin (Valkyrien, Wisting)
Björn Kjellman (Love & Anarchy, Fallet)
Henrik Mestad (Occupied, Norsemen, Lilyhammer)
Peter Kurth (Babylon Berlin, Tatort)

Wenche Myhre is a famous Norwegian singer. More about her here:


I admit that I do not usually watch films about car races or this sort or road movie, so I have less to compare this to than fans of the genre. I did not expect there to be much of a story, or for it to be more than a bare skeleton upon which to hang silly situations, comedy, some great cars with impressive driving skills and very likely epic crashes. In these respects I got what I had anticipated.

Comedy is cultural and clearly I must have a mind for Scandinavian and German humour (yes, the latter does exist despite rumours to the contrary). The comedy in this is situational, often brash, surreal and farcical. Clearly there are “in” jokes from the previous 2 movies, which I have not seen. There are some running gags, some of which work whereas others fall flat and die in agony. The idea of having a hearse as one of the road trip cars is however genius!

The actors involved in this (and it is an impressive cast) look like they had a whale of a time.

There is some wonderful scenery in this film and the aerial and action photography is impressive. There is also, alas, at least one scene where the CGI is truly the worst I have seen since the 1980s!

Plaudits however to the highly skilled drivers for their precision driving, which is immense! (This from someone who freely admits to not being very good at parallel parking). I am also not a car person but the choice of cars is perfect. The race scenes at the Nürburgring are great although there is a hilarious change in weather.

Overall, if you are willing to stop thinking about the story (it’s exceedingly flimsy), like a bit of a laugh, with some fabulous driving then there are worse ways to spend an hour and 40 minutes on a cold winter’s day.


This film is too recent to be in the running for any awards. I would, however, like to nominate it for a wooden spoon award for CGI!


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