4 Blocks: Amazon Prime Video ~ A Bite-Sized Review

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🇩🇪 4 BLOCKS 🇩🇪 

4 Blocks (2017-2019) is a German crime drama with 3 seasons and now complete. S1 6, S2 7, S3 6 episodes. German and Arabic with subtitles on Amazon Prime Video (free). 15 Cert U.K. 


“… 4 Blocks tells a story about friendship and family, betrayal and guilt in the milieu of an Arabic clan in Berlin-Neukölln. At its center is Ali Hamady, who wants to leave the criminal business and his “four blocks” for his wife’s and daughter’s sake. But when his brother in law is arrested after a raid, he stumbles into a downward spiral of crime, intrigue and betrayal, he can’t seem to escape.” Wiederman and Berg Television 

Main Cast S1: 

Kida Khodr Ramadan as Toni 

Veysel Gelin as Abbas 

Almila Bagriacik as Amara 

Sami Nassar as Kemal 

Maryam Zaree as Kalila

Oliver Masucci as Hagen Kutscha

Ludwig Trepte as Nico 

Frederick Lau as Vince 

Bite-Sized Review: 

As a big fan of gang-related shows such as Gomorrah, it was no surprise that 4 Blocks was an immediate draw when it first appeared on Prime in 2017. 

4 Blocks is a gritty, realistic, brutal, violent drama with well-written dialogue and fantastic performances. The storyline is smart, twisty and plausible throughout. The characters are believable, complex, conflicted and engaging with motivations that make sense and a truth in the way they are portrayed. 

The music score and soundtrack are very strong as is the cinematography. 

There are BIG themes in this such as family, honour, fidelity, betrayal and love. 

The central performances are outstanding!

For those who love shows in this genre such as Suburra, Top Boy, Narcos, Snabba Cash and the aforementioned Gomorrah I can unreservedly recommend this show. For those yet unfamiliar with the genre this is arguably the gentlest of introductions (all things being relative of course). 

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Trailer S1 (sorry, no subtitles available): 

Teaser Trailer S1 (no subtitles): 

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