Nicolas Le Floch: Prime/MHZ ~ A Bite-Sized Review

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Nicolas Le Floch (2008-2018) is a French TV show with 24 x 45-56 min episodes (original episodes are split in half on Prime) spread over 6 seasons. Free on Amazon Prime Video in the U.K.; MHZ USA. Adventure, crime, drama, history, mystery. In French with English closed captions. 13+ Cert U.K. (verging on a 15 I think). 


“In the 18th century Paris, Nicolas Le Floch works for the lieutenant-general of police Antoine de Sartine. With the help of Inspector Pierre Bourdeau, Nicolas investigates and solves crimes.”

Main Cast:

Jérôme Robart as Nicolas Le Floch 

Mathias Mlekuz as Bourdeau

François Caron as Monsieur de Sartine 

Michaël Abiteboul as Sanson 

Vincent Vinterhalter as Semacgus 

Jean-Marie Winling as Monsieur de Noblecourt 

Sava Lolov as Le comte de la Borde 

Claire Nebout as La Paulet 

Pierre Remund as The King 

Bite-Sized Review: 

I really enjoyed this show which is based upon a series of detective novels based mostly in 18th century Paris. Lots of court intrigue, international espionage, skullduggery, raunchy scenes (well this IS French after all). 

Some great fight choreography (those swords, y’know) and beautiful horses. The costuming is fabulous! I can guarantee that you will find yourself humming the theme tune.

The lead role, played by Jérôme Robart is charismatic and gritty. He is surrounded by an excellent supporting cast. 

If you enjoy historical drama with gritty realism but also romanticism and added mystery then this should be your tasse de thé. I suggest watching the episodes in pairs i.e. one story. Recommended. 

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Trailer for the first episode: 

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