Non-English Language Shows & Films Jan. 2022

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Photo montage of Hello January with posters from shows and films arriving in January 2022

Non-English Language TV shows and films arriving in the U.K. January 2022. 

Here are some pictures, trailers and dates for some of the shows 🖥 and films📽coming to the U.K in January (some are Netflix and Prime so can be globally distributed). 

🌟 I will update these should anything else be announced and add any new trailers that arrive. I don’t usually post trailers where the dialogue is dubbed. 

🖥 🇫🇷 The Hook Up Plan S3, Netflix, 1 Jan (French)

🖥 🇲🇽 Rebelde S1, Netflix, 5 Jan (Mexican) 

📽 🇮🇹 Four to Dinner, Netflix, 5 Jan (Italian) 

🖥 🇹🇷 The Club Part 2, Netflix, 6 Jan (Turkish) 

📽 🇪🇸 The Wasteland, Netflix, 6 Jan (Spanish) 

🖥 🇳🇴 Outlier, All4 Walter Presents, 7 Jan (Ch4 9 Jan) (Norwegian) 

🖥 🇧🇪 🇳🇱 Undercover S3, Netflix, 10 Jan (Belgian/Dutch) 

📽 🇵🇱 How I Fell in Love With a Gangster, Netflix, Jan 12 (Polish) 

🖥 🇯🇵 The Journalist S1, Netflix, 13 Jan (Japanese) 

🖥 🇩🇪 Dark Woods, All4 Walter Presents, 14 Jan (German) 

🖥 🇦🇷 El Marginal S4, Netflix, 19 Jan (Argentinian) 

🖥 🇲🇽 Juanapis González – The Series S1, 19 Jan (Mexican) 

📽 🇹🇷 My Father’s Violin, Netflix, 21 Jan (Turkish) 

🖥 🇵🇹 Summer Heat S1, Netflix, 21 Jan (Portuguese) 

🖥 🇩🇰 Chosen S1, Netflix, 27 Jan (Danish) 

🖥 🇪🇸 Feria: The Darkest Light S1, Netflix, 28 Jan (Spanish) 

🖥 🇰🇷 All of Us Are Dead S1, Netflix, 28 Jan (Korean) 

🖥 🇩🇰 Cry Wolf, All4 Walter Presents, 30 Jan (Danish) 


🖥 The Hook Up Plan (S1 Trailer): 

🖥 Rebelde S1:

📽 Four to Dinner (No English Subtitles): 

🖥 The Club Part 2:

📽 The Wasteland: 

🖥 Outlier:

🖥Undercover S3: 

📽 How I Fell in Love With a Gangster (No English Subtitles):

🖥 The Journalist S1: 

🖥 Dark Woods:

🖥 El Marginal S4 (No English Subtitles): 

🖥Juanapis González – The Series S1 (No English Subtitles): 

📽 My Father’s Violin (No English Subtitles):

🖥Summer Heat S1: 

🖥Chosen S1:

🖥 Feria: The Darkest Light S1:

🖥 All of Us Are Dead S1: 

🖥 Cry Wolf: 

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