Toscana ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

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Photo montage of scenes from Toscana. Central image is the poster for the film.


Toscana (2022) is a Danish Netflix drama/romance feature film. 1 hr 30 min. Cert 12 U.K. This film is in Danish, Italian and English and is available with English subtitles and dubbing.


“When a Danish chef travels to Tuscany to sell his father’s business, he meets a local woman who inspires him to rethink his approach to life and love.” IMDb


Christiana Dell’Anna as Sophia
Anders Matthesen as Theo
Lærke Winther as Merle
Thue Ersted Rasmussen as Construction Expert
Sebastian Jessen as Zeuten
Andrea Bosca as Pino
Ghita Nørby as Inge
Christopher as Svend
Ari Alexander as Lai
Karoline Brygmann as Melanie
Christopher Jindyl as Vincent
Pino Ammendola as Luca


Director: Mehdi Avaz
Writers: Mehdi Avaz, Nikolaj Scherfig
Composer: Thomas Volmer Schulz
Cinematographer: Michael Sauer Christensen
Editors: Anders Hoffmann, Niels Ostenfeld
Music Supervisor: Steve Tallamy


This is the first-ever made for Netflix Danish feature film.

Anders Matthesen is a Danish stand-up comedian, actor and rapper. Christopher is a Danish singer – this is his second on-screen role.

Toscana was filmed in a mere 19 days.

Parmesan is not produced in Tuscany!

Locations: Castello di Ristonchi, Pelago, Tuscany

Poster for the Netflix film Toscana (2022)


Toscana is not, on the face of it, the sort of film that I am usually drawn to, however being the first-ever Danish Netflix movie and set, in part at least, in Tuscany which I have visited I thought, why not?

This film does not have much to offer in the way of originality of storyline and is quite predictable but, perhaps oddly (or more likely a reflection of my mood) this made it quite a soothing watch.

Right from the first few scenes, it sets out its menu so we know what delights await us. This is one of the strengths of Toscana, it is visually very appealing in its depiction of delicious food and its creation of the settings (such as the castle and the olive grove) and the stunning landscapes. The use of aerial shots was very good.

I loved the warm colour palette of the Italian scenes set against the colder Danish ones (an obvious design choice). I also appreciated that while some of the music is distinctly Italian other parts are not. This does not have the same atmosphere as an Italian film (I have seen this elsewhere as a criticism) but why should it? It is a Danish film!

The film starts strongly I thought, introducing characters and the basic scenario. What is problematic is the writing that leaves some characters such as Sophia underdeveloped as well as clichés which you just know are going to be uttered before they inevitably arrive.

I also felt that Theo’s change of heart and the romance were worthy of more time and development. Because the romance lacks enough development it adversely affects the impact of certain actions. Another issue, for me, is Theo’s convenient memory loss when he was not that young at the time.

Another issue is the casting, particularly of Sophia who is supposed to be fairly close to age to Theo but appears to be far younger (I know it could be the famous Mediterranean diet and all but really…). All the cast did a good enough job given the material but I would have liked more meat on the bones of other characters who are cypher-like.

Toscana delves into a man’s anger and abandonment issues but we have seen this done before, and better. The final message is, however, a worthwhile one.

For any foodie, this film will appeal and for me, it also felt like a comfortable bit of armchair travelling. If you have an hour and a half spare (it is only the length of two “normal” TV episodes after all) and fancy snuggling down to watch something sweet and cosy, then why not? Not all films have to be challenging, gritty or even astoundingly original sometimes it is nice to sit, relax and watch something relatively undemanding.

Toscana did make me hungry watching (I could almost smell the food) so you might want to stock up on “supplies” to nibble on while watching (I doubt they will match up to the dishes we see in this though… there is a challenge for you!) I suggest a Chianti or Montepulciano if you are inclined to match your drink to what you are watching.

Trailer (unfortunately only a dubbed version is available):

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