Frostbite (2009): A Non-Spoiler Review

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Poster of Frostbite with text saying Frostbiten


Frostbite aka Frostbiten (2009) is a Swedish-Russian comedy horror feature film. It is available on Prime Video U.K. (free), Vudu, Tubi and Plex in the US, Tubi and Plex in Canada and Tubi in Australia. 1 hour and 38 minutes in duration. Rated 15 U.K. In Swedish, Finnish and German with English subtitles.


“Vampires terrorize a city in Norrbotten.” IMDb


Petra Nielsen as Annika Wallén
Carl-Åke Eriksson as Prof. Gerhard Beckert
Grete Havnesköld as Saga Wallén
Emma Åberg as Vega
Jonas Lawes as Robert
Niklas Grönberg as John
Gustav Johansson as Joel
Linnea Jonsson as Cissi
Nour El-Refai as Cornelia


Writer: Daniel Ojanlatva
Director: Anders Banke
Composer: Anthony Lledo
Cinematographer: Chris Maris
Editor: Kiko C.C. Sjöberg
Production Designer: Malin Kihlberg
Makeup Designer: Eva Von Bahr


Kalix and Långön, Norrbottens Iän, Sweden


I have mentioned before in my reviews that I am a fan of horror. In theory, at least Frostbite had the additional appeal of vampires — I love a good vampire story and have watched many from a wide range of countries. How would this film from back in 2009 rate amongst them?

Firstly, I’m going to say that I have not taken into account the VFX in this feature film because, let’s face it budgetary constraints and the passing of 16 years obviously impact greatly upon how good CGI is. So maybe it’s a good idea if you do decide to watch this film to know that…

I really liked the way the camera was used in Frostbite along with various filters etc. There’s a lot to like about this aspect of the film. This along with the music and sound worked well, I thought.

The makeup and blood effects etc. are good throughout this.

The performances too were generally good to good enough.

The main issue with this film, for me, was the actual story. It felt like there was the basis of something with great potential but it was all a bit messy, lacking in focus and didn’t have the impact I feel it could have had.

I don’t like horrors that overuse jump scares, so that was, I guess, a plus point for this as only one worked for me. And, sadly, it wasn’t very funny either.

Overall then this was quite a disappointment for me. It wasn’t very creepy, or scary or disturbing. If you like horror and want to watch a lesser-known film then it’s possibly worth your time watching.


6 Wins & 2 Nominations


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