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🇸🇪 Stockholm Requiem (Sthlm Rekviem) 🇸🇪 

Stockholm Requiem is a Swedish TV series set in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm. The show is based upon a series of novels by Kristina Ohlsson. 10 episodes of 45’. Each story covers two episodes. 2018. Walter Presents (All4 in the U.K.) 


Criminologist Fredrika Bergman finds her world becoming a moral and psychological maze of crime, murder and family dramas when she joins the police as a civil investigator. Her colleagues Alex Recht and Peder Rydh also struggle with the demands and horrors of the job they do.

Stockholm Requiem Cast:

Liv Mjönes ~ Frederika Bergman

Jonas Karlsson ~ Alex Recht

Alexej Manvelov ~ Peder Rydh

Magnus Roosman ~ Torbjörn Ross

Jessica Liedberg ~ Aina Gedda

Lena B. Eriksson ~ Ellen Melin


I loved this series! It’s really well-constructed and is complex with challenging, sometimes very disturbing content. Characters in this show are really well-developed and their arcs are really quite something. Cinematography is excellent and direction decisions are both brave and innovative. They use the interior camera of the detectives’ car to give flash forwards in the story quite brilliantly. The acting in this is exceptionally good.

The “Requiem” of the title refers not to the dead but to the detectives themselves. Their mental health is the focus of this whole show. In this respect it is not a standard crime procedural and those who expect it to be one may be disappointed.

Stockholm Requiem is an addictive and stylish Scandi thriller. This series is NOT a bundle of laughs but if you enjoy gritty, realistic and challenging Scandi noir, this is a show for you. Highly recommended.

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