Occupied ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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Occupied (Okkupert) photo montage
Occupied photo credits: TV2

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Occupied is a Norwegian show which is on Netflix internationally, 3 seasons (2015-19) now completed. In Norwegian with English subtitles and sections in spoken English and Russian.

Plot of the show:

Occupied focuses on political and environmental issues affecting Scandinavia and is based upon a storyline by Jo Nesbø. This Nordic drama is based in the near future, when environmental concerns prompt the Norwegian government to stop all oil and gas production in the North Sea. These actions result in a world crisis. Stepping in on behalf of the EU, Russia invades the country, aiming for a “silk-glove” operation, which involves taking control of the oil supplies. This show revolves around the political and personal conflicts that result from these decisions. 

Occupied Cast: 

Henrik Mestad ~ Jesper Berg

Eldar Skar ~ Hans Martin Djupvik

Ane Dahl Torp ~ Bente Norum

Ragnhild Gudbrandsen ~ Wenche Arnesen

Ingeborga Dapkünaitė ~ Irina Sidarova

Alexej Manvelov ~ Nikolai 

Ingeborga Dapkünaitė as Irina Sidarova Photo credit: TV2

I’ve watched this series since it first started and for me, initially, the main attraction was Jo Nesbø being involved with the project. It’s a clever, complex show with characters who all have flaws, or weaknesses, of one kind or another. It is a story which is very politically driven, with machinations, plots worthy of Machiavelli, love, lust, betrayal, loyalty, greed, murder, survival, courage, cowardice… All the plays of politics and life within a highly pressured environment. 

If you enjoy complex, well-written and extremely well-acted shows then I can recommend this. 


Season 1 when the show was on Pivot in the US (it’s now all available on Netflix). May be slightly spoilerish:


Season 2 opening credits ~ https://youtu.be/85oVbk3gmc4

Season 3 trailer ~ https://youtu.be/6pGForsBVPU

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