Dragonheart: Vengeance ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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Dragonheart: Vengeance is an American-British-Romanian feature film (2020) and a prequel to the 2003 film Dragonheart. You can watch this movie on Netflix US, DVD, Blu-ray and Sky UK. Run Time: 1hr 37m Age Cert:15 Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Sci-fi.

“A young farmer named Lukas, whose family is killed by savage raiders, sets out on an epic quest for revenge. He forms an unexpected trio with a magnificent dragon, Siveth, and a swashbuckling, sell-sword, Darius.”

Jack Kane (Lukas, Left)  fights with a sword against Carolina Carlsson (The Snake, Right) who holds a dagger in each hands.
Jack Kane (Lukas) Left Carolina Carlsson (The Snake) Right
They are not getting on!


Helena Bonham Carter ~ Siveth (voice)

Joseph Millson ~ Darius

Jack Kane ~ Lukas

Arturo Muselli ~ King Rezvan

Carolina Carlsson ~ The Snake

Tam Williams ~ The Scorpion

Richard Ashton ~ The Wolf

Ross O’Hennessy ~ The Bear

Cameron Jack ~ The Blacksmith

Image shows Siveth, the dragon, in front of a group of armed men and the king talking to her.


I thoroughly enjoyed this film, even though I am positive I am not its target audience. The plot itself is fairly straightforward with “Vengeance” and its dangers as an overriding theme – although at times this is written a little too heavy-handedly. The parallels between the different life stories are really well-constructed and there is the age-old theme of government manipulation and corruption thrown into the mix. Sweet teenage moments combine with others which are genuinely affecting, poignant and emotional. I enjoyed the feisty repartee of the young healer towards her equally young suitor which works well as a contrast to any “slushiness”.

There are many well-choreographed fight sequences with a variety of weapons and other, handy, everyday items combined with fists, feet and heads. Stairway fights are always an exciting set piece and the one near the start of this is terrific.

Visual as well as verbal humour are played out strongly in this movie and it made me laugh out loud many times while watching.

Darius (Joseph Millson) shedding light on things

Overall the cast is strong with quite a number of recognisable faces amongst the British actors. Joseph Millson is outstanding as Darius, the ever so slightly jewellery-obsessed, more than slightly strange mercenary with a heart of… Young Jack Kane is a very appealing Lukas. Some of the conditions while filming look like they were very taxing, with cast members appearing to be genuinely freezing cold.

Whilst the CGI itself might not be groundbreaking the cinematography is truly stunning at times, as is the natural scenery that is often used as a backdrop – Romania certainly looks like a place worth visiting. Having scenes of the freezing cold and snow contrasting with the bright and warm are a great counterpoint.

Joseph Millson (Darius) Left  and Jack Kane (Lukas) Right stand in a snow covered scene.

A mention of the gorgeous horses in this is an absolute must, as is their tack. Costuming deserves a special mention as the scale, variety and detailing of costumes and accessories are immense, showing great imagination and the use of both colour and texture. The music score is slightly reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, and works well with the characters, time, and space in which the story is set. 

Darius Left (Joseph Millson) Lukas Right (Jack Kane) on their horses.

This movie is very firmly in the fantasy genre and if you cannot suspend disbelief with regard to the existence of dragons, then it is probably not for you, neither is it “trying to be another Game of Thrones”. I found it to be immensely entertaining and ideal for watching alongside teenagers (not mandatory to have them with you though). Although it is rated 15 in the U.K. it is definitely towards the lower end of that age range regarding the violence and there is little to no sex or swearing. Wholeheartedly recommended as a fun, exciting and sometimes truly affecting journey through a fantasy land which clearly relates to our own. 

Trailer for Dragonheart: Vengeance:


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