Before We Die S1 ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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(By Gina Meardon)

Before We Die S1 (Innan vi dör) (2017). Originally aired on SVT in Sweden this show can be found on Walter Presents on All4 UK & PBS Masterpiece in USA. Season 1 10 x 58’ episodes. IMDb rating: 7.8/10 (I rate this at least 8.5/10)
Violence, tense action, threat, some strong language


Hanna Svensson, a police inspector in the financial crime unit at the Stockholm police department, gets involved in a power struggle of the criminal underworld when her lover and co-worker Sven (an inspector in the organised crime unit) is abducted. The situation gets even more complicated when it turns out that Hanna’s estranged son, Christian, is deeply involved. Suddenly the world of organised crime, motorcycle gangs and a broken mother-son relationship collide.

Hanna Svensson ~ Maria Richardson
Christian Svensson ~ Adam Pålsson
Davor Mimica ~ Alexej Manvelov
Björn ~ Magnus Krepper
Dubravka Mimica ~ Małgorzata Pieczyńska
Tina ~ Sofia Ledarp
Stefan ~ Peshang Rad
Pawel ~ Kalled Mustonen


Writers: Niklas Rockström and Wilhelm Behrman


Before We Die S1 is a roller coaster ride. There are many twists and turns, revelations and truly shocking events combined with tension and excitement. This is a brilliantly written show that has well-developed characters and relationships. Strong themes running throughout are: loyalty, family and love. It’s like watching a 3-D chess game being played out. Highly recommended.


Adam Pålsson won the Kristallen Award for Best Actor (2017)

The show was nominated for the Kristallen Award for Best Television Drama (2017)

Marie Richardson was nominated for the Kristallen Award for Best Actress (2017)


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