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Image shows scenes from Fallet on Netflix. Central photo is a publicity shot of the main cast members of the show.

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Fallet (2017) is a Swedish-British comedy drama on Netflix. 8 x 27-28 min. Cert 15 U.K. Subtitles and some English spoken throughout.


Creator: Erik Hultkvist & Rikard Ulvshammar
Writers: Erik Hultkvist, Rikard Ulvshammar, Tapio Leopold, Stefan Thunberg, Robin Muhr


“A Swedish detective and her timid British colleague’s attempt to solve a gruesome murder case nets mixed results and miscommunication.” IMDB


Lisa Henni as Sophie Borg
Adam Godley as Tom Brown
Tomas von Brömssen as Klas Wall
Lia Boysen as Kristina von Borg
Christoffer Nordenrot as Bill Wall
Stina Rautelin as Sonja Mustanaamio
Erik Madsen as Colin Smith
Magnus Krepper as Åke Klint
Meliz Karige as Zarah Arnesen
Linda Nilarve as Nyhetsankare
Björn Granath as Arne Arnesen
Richenda Carey as Mrs Brown
Dag Malmberg as Melcher von Borg


Lisa Henni is known for Midnight Sun, Beck, 100 Code, Arne Dahl and Snabba Cash. Adam Godley will be very familiar to those who have watched Breaking Bad, Suits, The Umbrella Academy (he is Pogo, the Chimp) etc. Other familiar faces are:

Lia Boysen ~ Jordskott, Wallander
Christoffer Nordenrot ~ Blue Eyes, Arne Dahl, Wallander
Erik Madsen ~ The Sandhamn Murders, Arne Dahl, Lilyhammer
Meliz Karlge ~ Johan Falk, Blue Eyes, Thicker Than Water
Magnus Krepper ~ Before We Die, 100 Code, The Bridge, The Girl Who Played with Fire
Richenda Carey ~ Downton Abbey, Monarch of the Glen
Björn Granath ~ The Restaurant, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Bridge
Dag Malmberg ~ The Bridge, The Restaurant, Stockholm Requiem


Firstly, I enjoyed Fallet a lot. It’s a fabulous parody/pastiche of many the Scandi, British and other country’s crime shows that you may have watched and loved. Certainly if you love the genre you will get far more out of this show and its comedy.

We have the classic trope of a dysfunctional pairing of the two main cop characters, from two different countries as well (sound familiar). Much is made of the differences in police procedures and also the way a station is “run”. Cops who have a troubled past, “family” issues which haunt them (literally). One cop who has absolutely no control over their trigger finger and another who is definitely socially awkward. Social awkwardness is a strong comedic tool throughout this show, so cringe, and laugh.

The station chief is a mild-mannered chap who tries hard to up-to-date with the latest correct procedures etc.

We have the office buffoon who is only there because of a family connection. He isn’t Catarella from Inspector Montalbano but the nods are there. The pathologist, a Finn (there’s an in-joke there which is shamelessly milked) is hilarious.

There are exciting car chases, shoot outs, wandering around in dark, atmospheric buildings searching for baddies. The homage to Saga and Martin/Henrik sitting in the car is a classic! There is also a recognisable serial killer motivation and scenario.

Fallet only has a single season, which is a shame in many ways, however, for what we get it works really well and has a perfectly satisfactory ending. Highly recommended if you enjoy comedy and want to watch something lighter that is still within the crime genre. It is very funny (and quite rude) in places


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