Deadwind Season 2: Netflix ~ A Spoiler Review

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A photo montage of scene from Deadwind season 2. Central image is the theatrical poster for season 2 of Deadwind.


DEADWIND aka Karppi (2018-) season 2 is a Finnish TV crime drama, mystery thriller. Netflix internationally. S2 has 8 episodes of 42-47 minutes. 15 Cert U.K. Available in Finnish with English subtitles or close captioning.


The body of a blindfolded man who is frozen to death is found. Another blindfolded body is discovered hanging from a bridge. Sofia Karppi and Sakari Nurmi connect them through their tattoos, which leads them towards a ship called Meelika. Both victims had been working on the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project, which leads the detectives to the shifting political sands of Helsinki.


Pihla Viitala as Sofia Karppi
Lauri Tilkanen as Sakari Nurmi
Mimosa Willamo as Henna Honkasuo
Noa Tola as Emil Karppi
Vera Kiiskinen as Raisa Peltola
Leena Pöysti as Sara Tulisuo
Olavi Uusivirta as Henri Kuusinen
Malla Malmivaara as Mikaela Lund
Minna Haapkylä as Routa
Ville Myllyrinne as JP
Raimo Grönberg as Tapio Koskimäki

Poster for Deadwind Season 2


Director: Rike Jokela
Creators: Rike Jokela, Kirsi Porkka & Jari Olavi Rantala
Writers: Rike Jokela, Kirsi Porkka, Jari Olavi Rantala & Harri Virtanen
Cinematographer: Anssi Leino
Music: Juri Seppä
Make-Up Designer: Marjo Federley
Stunt Coordinator: Oula Kitti
Costume Designer: Marjo Federley
Editor: Jussi Lehto

The Finnish poster for Deadwind Season 2


Sakari Nurmi drives a BMW E31 8-series coupe which was last produced in 1999. It came with a V12 engine.

Poster for Deadwind season 2 showing Sakari Nurmi’s BMW E31

⚠️ This review contains mild spoilers ⚠️


Having rewatched, and reviewed, the first season of Deadwind I thought it only proper to accord season 2 the same whilst bearing in mind that I do not want this review to seem like Groundhog Day. My suggestion would be to read this review in conjunction with the review for season 1 (see link at the very end).

I do not usually start a review with the opening credits sequence but this seems a VERY good place to start. Netflix has a useful “Skip Intro” feature (which I have been known to take advantage of upon occasion) but I never skip Deadwind’s credits. They are the perfect combination of an atmospheric piece of music with clips from season 2. The visuals are in slow motion and it is this motion (rather than a series of stills) that draws you to look at them. If you watch them, you start to recognise the scenes from which they are taken. Many focus on Sofia Karppi and Sakari Nurmi, who are, after all, the key players in this show.

Pihla Viitala (Sofia Karrpi) and Lauri Tiikanen (Sakari Nurmi) in Deadwind Season 2

Talking of Karppi and Nurmi, their relationship develops and is tested (and how it is tested!) still further throughout the 8 episodes. It is a wise decision taken by the writers to keep the will-they-won’t-they. We all know what happens to the impetus of a story when “that which we desire” actually happens… Yes, as dead as one of those bodies floating in the Baltic. It is a trope folks, but we like it.

As is often the way in real life, the two of them seem to never be in the same emotional place at the same time which makes for some awkward moments.

Kids: who’d have them? Not saying that ALL the offspring in this show cause issues… but… If we tot up how many do things that endanger other people or that are socially unacceptable then there are quite a few! The reasons for their behaviour are however well-explored and the blame does not stop at their feet. Henna is a walking, talking disaster area for most of this season, poor girl.

Mimosa Willamo as Henna Honkasuo

Sofia Karppi is struggling, as per usual, with not achieving anything resembling a life/family/work balance. And it is interesting to see how she immediately lashes out when she is called out about her priorities. What is great in this show is that the constant push and pull of work v home life for a mother who is on her own is really well explored and relatable.

Pihla Viitala (Sofia Karrpi) and Noa Tola (Emil Karrpi) in a scene from Deadwind Season 2

Has she yet moved on from the guilt-laden grief of season 1? It would appear so, judging by her conversation with her daughter Henna. Resting your head upon the head of a child you have just been treating for head lice is some second-level parenting though (you are a better woman than I, Sofia Karppi!)

Nurmi says he does not want to be a father or have responsibility for another person (lying to himself a teeny bit where Karppi is concerned). There is a major incident in this season that makes him feel enormous guilt and reinforces his internal thought process that being tied to people is a bad thing because it distracts you. Honestly, this guy has issues but you can understand his point of view. That said he would probably make a great dad, if only for his video gaming skills. The most telling comment made to Nurmi is one about him wanting to die. Is this his wake-up call?

In series 1 we had a connected industry-related storyline running through whereas this time it’s the messy business of politics. There is one scene that reminded me of House of Cards (both U.K. and US versions) and was just as shocking. The blind daughter of the politician is unique and her blindness is VERY useful for parts of the storyline apart from the immediate sympathy aspect. I loved that she was so fiercely independent and that her lack of sight did not affect what she wanted to do. Once again we have a mother-child dynamic and not for the first time a somewhat dysfunctional one.

As with season 1, the night-time scenes are excellent with great visuals and the SWAT entries are always great viewing. Aerial shots are impressive and I think I loved the locations chosen even more than in the first season. It certainly makes a change to see Estonia used well in a storyline and a large ship is a good setting.

There is one major point where we have to suspend disbelief (although with Nurmi being such a dark horse who knows what he is actually capable of?) We do not really know that much about him, do we?

As for the ditching of the helicopter, just wow! This was incredibly impressive, what with the escape of Karppi, the aircraft rolling and sinking, to Nurmi resurfacing. I found myself feeling the panic, especially when it all started to go pear-shaped. The camerawork is fantastic! The rescue and raft scene was realistic. I could imagine the wet and freezing conditions. Great acting and dedication were shown here (and kudos to the safety divers). As an aside, is it written in Lauri Tilkanen’s contract that he must do something underwater that involves possible drowning? There were two in this season!

The big reveal gives us some handy reminders of what we have already seen that is of relevance. The interlinking of the storylines was very well done and while some threads may seem like red herrings mostly they really aren’t.

The very final scene of Deadwind season 2 mirrors the various parent and child “reunions” before it. These serve as a stark contrast to the perpetrator’s twisted and repulsive justification for his actions. I very much appreciated that the focus was not on the reasons (what reasons really) for the murders and Nurmi calling the perpetrator out on them as being spurious. What a fabulous shot that is of the landscape with just two figures both saved from a “fall”.

As with season 1, I can unreservedly recommend Deadwind. Along with I suspect 90%+ of viewers, I cannot wait to see what season 3 brings, especially to the relationship between Sofia Karppi and Sakari Nurmi because, by heck, there is going to have to be some industrial-scale bridge building after the end of this season!

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  1. Well I really enjoyed both series, the times they almost died and got soaked and cut faces and bodies etc. As I have been to Helsinki and Estonia great to see these places again . Great filming of all scenes and I love the naturalness Of Sophia Karppi

  2. I loved Deadwind series, I am in America . Since my ancestry shows I am from Finland , I enjoy seeing the country. I probably will never get to travel there. The language, customs, all of it.I hope to see more of Karppi. And Nurmi

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