Hotel Beau Séjour: A Bite-Sized Review

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Theatrical poster for the show Hotel Beau Séjour


Hotel Beau Séjour aka Beau Séjour (2017-) series 1 is a Belgian TV series. Action, crime, drama, mystery, thriller. Walter Presents All4 in the U.K., Topic US, Netflix several other countries. 10 x 47-57 min episodes. In Flemish (Dutch) with English subtitles. 


Kato, covered in blood, wakes up without any recollection of what happened the night before. Moreover, nobody seems to see or hear her. Slowly it sinks in: she’s dead. Who did this to her? And how come a handful of people can still see her, as if she’s among the living? Why them specifically? In her search to uncover the truth Kato will discover that a lot of secrets lie dormant under the surface of her supposedly peaceful village community.”

Main Cast: 

Lynn Van Royen as Kato Hoeven

Inge Paulsussen as Kristel Brouwers 

Jan Hammenecker as Marcus Otten

Kris Cuppens as Luc Hoeven 

Johan van Assche as Alexander Vinken

Katrin Lohmann as Marion Schneider 

Bite-Sized Review: 

I watched this Belgian show a while back now and enjoyed it despite some flaws. It is generally very well-written and played. Good visuals and an interesting, atmospheric score. 

A worthwhile watch, especially if you enjoy dark, disturbing, crime-related drama with a twist.

It is absolutely essential that you are able to suspend disbelief for this show to work, so if that isn’t your thing this just won’t work for you. 

If series 2 (there is one) ever arrives in the U.K. there will be another review. 

Reel2ReelTalk rating (max 5 ⭐️) 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1/2


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