Baby Fever ~ A Non-Spoiler Review

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Image is a photo montage of scenes from Baby Fever. The central image is the poster for the show.


Baby Fever (2022-) aka Skruk (Broody) is a new Danish Netflix Original comedy/drama/romance series. 6 episodes of 27-33 minutes. Cert 15 in the U.K. In Danish with subtitles (dubbing also available).


“A romantic comedy-drama centred around the life of fertility doctor Nana and the clients she meets and treats.” IMDb


Josephine Park as Nana
Olivia Joof Lewerissa as Simone
Simon Sears as Mathias
Emil Prenter as Flot Fys
Mikael Birkkjær as Niels-Anders
Charlotte Munck as Helle
Tammi Øst as Lise Lacour
Jesper Ole Feit Andersen as Anton


Creators: Amalie Næsby Fick, Nikolaj Feifer
Directors: Amalie Næsby Fick, Nikolaj Feifer
Composers: Henrik Steen Hansen, Jesper Mechlenburg
Cinematographer: Martin Munch
Editors: Anders Skov, Michael Bauer, Denniz Göl Bertelsen, Catherine Odgaard, Kasper Schultz Simonsen, Jakob Juul Toldham

English language poster for the show Baby Fever


Josephine Park may be familiar to you from The Investigation Blinded Those Who Kill (season 2 of Darkness: Those Who Kill), Shorta, When the Dust Settles, The Rain, The Team and The Legacy. Olivia Joof Lewerissa can be seen in DNA.

Simon Sears is a very busy and successful actor and is in productions such as Beck, Shadow and Bone, Shorta, Ride Upon the Storm, Winter Brothers, Follow the Money and April 9th.

Charlotte Munck was in The Investigation, Rita, Follow the Money, A War and Headhunter.

You will no doubt recognise Mikael Birkkjær from his role as Philip Christensen in all 4 seasons of Borgen plus Stockholm Requiem, The Bridge and The Killing.

Danish language poster for the show Baby Fever (Skruk)


The premise of this series seemed a bit different from the ordinary and the trailer was appealing. Combining this with the never-disappointing Simon Sears and Mikael Birkkjær I was keen to watch this new, Danish Netflix offering.

The way this story pans out certainly raises some fundamental ethical and moral issues along with questions surrounding the security of any clinical materials (in this case sperm!) I think that with more time these issues could have been explored more deeply and that the way that they were covered up was a little (putting it mildly) disconcerting. Perhaps, if the series is renewed these will be explored further.

The way that various couples and individuals were introduced and developed (some more than others) at the fertility clinic was very well done, I thought.

I have to say that this series did make me laugh a lot while watching it. The comedy fits in well within the storyline itself. And there is enough of the serious to counterbalance it.

I was pleased to see that Nana’s character showed real progression from the person who lied to everyone, even professionally with devastating results on others to realising that the truth matters and is a reflection of respect for others. It is just as well that her character did change because up to a certain point she is not a person with whom I could overly sympathise.

I struggled a bit with the slightly corny use of her mother’s song and swift resolution of an extreme feeling of maternal rejection (I know, it is a TV drama but still…)

It makes a change for a series to have male characters and their relaying with the main female protagonist painted in a way that female characters often are. In truth, I did find them somewhat stereotypical. I also was not totally sold on the chemistry between Nana and Matias.

I did want to mention the use of music in this which I thought was very good, especially the way that the songs would stop and then restart; this was effective.

Overall I enjoyed this series but it did not deeply affect my emotions in a way that I would have liked it to (but perhaps that was never its intent). I would probably watch a second season should it appear but I may have forgotten much about it by the time that happens.


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