Love & Anarchy Season 2: A Non-Spoiler Review

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Photo montage of scenes from Love & Anarchy season 2. The central image is the poster for the show.


The Swedish Netflix Original comedy/drama/romance series Love & Anarchy aka Kärlek & anarki (2020-) season 2 arrived on Thursday 16 June 2022. It has 8 episodes of 30-36 minutes. Certificate 15 U.K. In Swedish with subtitles (dubbing also available).


Sofie tackles a new opportunity amidst a crisis and makes abrupt decisions while simultaneously excelling at her new job.


Ida Engvoll as Sofie Rydman
Björn Mosten as Max Järvi
Carla Sehn as Caroline Dahl
Reine Brynolfsson as Friedrich Jägerstedt
Gizem Erdogan as Denise Konar
Ruben Lopez as Tom Rosén
Björn Kjellman as Ronny Johansson
Marina Bouras as Vivianne
Ludde Hagberg as Nille
Johannes Kuhnke as Johan Rydman


Creator: Lisa Langseth
Director: Lisa Langseth
Writers: Alex Haridi, Lisa Langseth
Composer: Adam Nordén
Cinematographer: Victor Davidson
Editor: Christoffer Holmberg
Location Manager: Sodad Iskander


Locations for filming include the Västra trädgårdsgatan 2, Norrmalm, Stockholm and Kulturhuset

Alex Haridi co-writes Love & Anarchy season 2. Sodad Iskander is the location manager and Yohanna Idha plays the photographer in the final episode.

Poster for Love & Anarchy


Keen anticipation, that’s the best way to describe how I felt about the arrival of the second season of Love & Anarchy. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season. Would this return match the first, or, perhaps surpass it?

It took no time to become reacquainted with the newly divorced Sofie, Max and the rest of the “gang” at the publishing house. This time though there are different stresses and strains on them, the company and others.

They do say that comedy and tragedy are close bedfellows and this is abundantly clear in this season of Love & Anarchy. Overall this is a darker, sadder story than the first series but ultimately uplifting.

Ah, love, it is truly a many splendored thing. Not only romantic love but other forms of love, paternal, of literature, of nature… of one’s self… This show explores many facets of love, its often attendant messiness, frustrations and betrayals. But overall, for me, the big message here surrounds what happens when we lose those we love, how we react and how this is frequently conditioned by our past. If love is a main theme then so too is grief.

Goodness, this is making it sound as if this season is full of nothing but doom and gloom with a dollop of nihilism… it isn’t. Parts are laugh-out-loud hilarious, others make you cringe in an “I am SO pleased that is not me” way (the root of a lot of comedy) and still others raise a wry smile of recognition.

Who are you really? This is another big question that is explored. Sofie’s mental health is seriously affected by not only grief and denial but also the way that she tries to be someone she is not. How people do not speak out when they fundamentally disagree with something; you just have to admire Friedrich in this respect.

Should we “edit” and censor what authors write? Should we always be altering things to not upset anyone? The episode which centres around David Dencik’s character is not only hilarious but also painful and yes, it should make us all think.

One aspect I really enjoyed (laughed a lot at) was the wildly “original” idea for a story that one character comes up with. Why? Because many of us who have read, or watched, any crime novels/series/films quickly realise that nothing, absolutely nothing, about this story is original in any way!

I really liked the storyline this season, the writing itself (smart, sharp and intelligent without being in the least bit pretentious) and the pacing of the episodes. It was great that we got to know characters in more depth and were introduced to some new ones.

The performances by the leads and the whole ensemble of supporting actors are terrific! Faultless. And it is the sheer range that so many show that is so impressive. I especially like the expressions on people’s faces in many scenes. Oh so telling.

In addition to these we even get the additional treat of Jens Lapidus and Alex Haridi on board the literary cruise ship!

I must add at this juncture that I got a tad overexcited every time I saw somewhere I recognised in Stockholm. There were several “Oh, we went there” moments, even looking out of apartment windows.

I very much hope that Love & Anarchy gets a third season if the writers feel that the story still has legs. It is a fun, entertaining, honest, intelligent and at times challenging series. I loved it!

Awards (season 1)

Nominated for Best Comedy Show at the Kristallen Awards 2021


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