How to Customise Text on Netflix & Prime Video

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In this article we’ll run through how to customise text on Netflix and Prime Video. This is useful for subtitles and close captioning on both these streaming platforms. Captions too small or too big? The wrong colour? How do you change the size and colour etc of the text?


Image of Netflix logo relating to change size and colour of text.
Image: Netflix

First is Netflix which supplies subtitles and/or close captioning on shows. So how do you change the size, font, shadow and background colour of those subtitles/captions to suit your needs?

Step 1. From a web browser, go into your Netflix Account page.

Step 2. Select a profile name from Profile and Parental Controls.

Step 3. Select Change for Subtitle Appearance.NB: Subtitle Appearance is unavailable in some countries where the following are primary languages: Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Romanian and Thai. Older devices may also not display Appearance options.

Step 4. Set subtitles appearance in Settings

Step 5. Save changes.

Step 6. Launch the Netflix app.
N.B. If you are using a TV, open the app on the TV, select Settings, then Get Help, then Reload to effect changes.

Amazon Prime Video:

Image shows Prime Video logo relating to how to adjust size and colour of text
Image: Prime Video

And now for Amazon Prime Video and how to customise the text to suit your needs. This will become the default setting.

Step 1. Log into your Prime Video Account page.

Step 2. Click Subtitles in the menu.

Step 3. You will see Subtitle Presets and options for editing the categories.

Step 4. Click Edit next to each preset to adjust the captions’ font size, colour, opacity etc.

Step 5. Customised captions will now be set.

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