Tips: How to Get Subtitles on Netflix and Prime Video

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In this article we’ll run through what seems like a very common issue for those who use these two streaming services: how do you find and select subtitles on Netflix and Prime Video?


Netflix logo image
Image: Netflix

First up is Netflix which is now carrying more non-English speaking content than ever before. Netflix also seems to have dubbing set as a default on shows if it’s available (at least until it recognises that you’d rather not listen to often poorly dubbed English over the original actors’ own voices). So how to find those subtitles…

Step 1. Start playing the show or movie. Hit pause and the text icon will appear (see image below) either at the top or bottom of the screen all depending upon the device you are using.

Netflix screenshot with Audio and subtitles shown on screen.

Step 2. As you can see in this image if you click on the text icon a drop down menu appears. From this menu you can select both Audio and Subtitles. Click on your preferences and then press play. This is also where you can get rid of all subtitles and/or dubbing if you wish.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime video image

And now for Amazon Prime Video which has no dubbing option and will only play a show or movie with subtitles if you have watched another before and selected them. In fact it won’t stop using subtitles and/or cc on the next thing you watch unless you go in and deselect them.

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video Russian show with CC shown

Step 1. Start playing the show or movie you want to watch. Hit pause and the tiny cc option will appear (in this image it’s bottom right of the screen).

Step 2. Move the highlight across until you are on the cc and click on it. When you press play again the subtitles or close captioning will be on screen. To get rid of subtitles next time you watch, just reverse the process.

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  1. If only I could figure out how to always see my subtitles in yellow and a decent size for me. With low vision it’s the best! White subtitles often disappear…..

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