Find Foreign Shows and Movies on Netflix & Prime

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In this article we will run through how to find non-English speaking “Foreign” TV shows and movies on these two streaming services: how can you find them?


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Image: Netflix

Netflix now carries more “foreign” (non-English speaking) content than ever before but how to find this content? There are two common methods for finding this content. We shall be looking at the one that seems to work anywhere, regardless of your location:

Method ~ Let’s assume you want to find content from a specific country (or language). Go into the search bar of your Netflix and type in the country of choice. In this case we have selected German. As you can see, typing in the country pulls up a selection of TV shows and movies. There is also a refined search drop down menu at the bottom right of the screen.

Image shows search page and results from Netflix with German speaking films and TV

If you click on German TV programmes in the drop down menu this is just part of the selection that then appears and you just click on the one you fancy the look of:

Image shows Netflix search results for German-language TV programmes

Amazon Prime Video:

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Image: Prime

Method ~ As with Netflix if you want to find foreign shows and movies you need to type into the search bar the country of choice. In this case we have selected Russia. As you can see typing the country pulls up the following:

Image shows Prime Video search results page for Russian

Selecting Russian films on Prime will bring up a selection such as this:

Image shows search page results from Prime Video for Russian films

From the initial list you could also select Russian TV series, but be warned, the initial shows listed are usually a show, or shows, that Amazon want to plug and are not from the country you have selected!


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