7 Insights From Tamara Austin ~ Actress

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Photo of Tamara Austin in Vampire Diaries
Vampire Diaries

7 Insights from my Interview with Tamara Austin ~

I recently had the immense pleasure of talking with the actress, Tamara Austin. Tamara can be seen in The Walking Dead, Reprisal, The Vampire Diaries, David Makes Man, Banshee, Dolphin Tale 2 and Christmas at Graceland etc. From what we talked about we have chosen 7 insights that you may be able to apply to your own life.

  1. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today, had it not been for the military and those blessings of opportunity and experience. I think that makes me the artist that I am because of understanding different cultures, thought processes, and respecting others’ opinions.
  2. I had to learn that just because there may be a commentary on you, it does not reflect on you, the artist.
  3. I was not confident in myself during my time working with the first director only because I was still learning everything. I was feeling insecure about my choices since I had received many notes and we did multiple takes. Then finally on the last day of filming the first episode, I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and decided “I don’t care what people think! I’m here because I was chosen to be due to their confidence in me”. That shift of mindset was when everything changed.
  4. …they had seen my tapes throughout the years, and Geraldine said, “I know who I want to play this character,” and called me out. I didn’t know until a whole year later, but it’s really amazing to know that all the hard work that had been put in was not for nothing.
  5. The richest place is the graveyard, all these dreams that end up there never coming to fruition, so always use each day wisely. This is the perfect time to learn who you are. We used to do activities in elementary school about who you are where they ask “Who do you want to be, who are you, how do you feel?” Unfortunately we, rarely do that today and I think that’s why mental health is such an important issue because we don’t ask ourselves these questions often enough.
  6. It’s important to have good, positive people around you to encourage you, but you also have to encourage yourself.
  7. I think the worst was the point that I mentioned with Vampire Diaries, but that came down to my own insecurity, being very green and learning. At the time it was awful, but I think any time a person goes through a change it’s also a metaphor for this period to grow and to be better than you were prior to this.
Tamara, her parents and her brother at her dad’s Chief promotion ceremony
Tamara with her parents and brother at her dad’s Chief promotion ceremony

Link to Tamara’s full interview from which these 7 insights were taken:


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