10 Insights from Daniel Thomas ~ Actor, Writer, Director

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Photograph of Daniel Thomas

10 Insights from my Interview with Daniel Thomas

Daniel Thomas and I had a great chat recently about his varied life and career. We have chosen 10 insights from what we talked about that you may find helpful for your own life, no matter who you are, or what you do…

  1. My coping mechanism was to keep myself busy: I was working and studying full-time, playing in bands, being quite excessive. I did that for a few years and, you know, if you’re pushing it too hard, something’s got to give. I had anxiety and my well-being really started to suffer. I knew I needed to make some serious changes. 
  2. I needed to go back to where I was from, reflect and start doing serious self-work. I needed to step out of the noise.
  3. I know that when I commit to something fully and it doesn’t work out, there’s no regret. I may fall flat on my face but it’s liberating.
  4. Without getting too philosophical, intuition is where guidance and truth can be found.
  5. … it’s important to know how other people perceive you, because how you see yourself may be very different to the way people around you perceive you.
  6. The biggest limiter can be ourselves, or accepting how others believe we should be, but if you can get out of your own way the sky is the limit.
  7. My advice would be never let anybody be dismissive of your dreams. People have an ability to slap away what you’re working toward in one sentence and it can derail you if you let it.
  8. It’s often hard to say no and to hear no, but the nos are just as important as the yeses.
  9. People want to help and they want you to succeed. Surround yourself with people who celebrate your victories. 
  10. Find ways not to let fear get in the way and trust your gut. Go for it. Commit to it.
Photograph of Daniel Thomas in a scene from the film Edda Tudor.
Daniel in a scene from Edda Tudor

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