Helen Dorn ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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Helen Dorn photo montage
Photo montage of Helen Dorn credits varied: ZDF etc.

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Helen Dorn is a German TV show on Walter Presents (All4) UK, MHZ Choice, MHZ Choice on Amazon, Prime Video US. It is in German with English subtitles. 90 minute episodes. 2014 – 20 Crime, drama. More episodes have been aired in Germany and hopefully these will eventually appear on WP. 

Plot Summary:

Helen Dorn is an expert Police Commissioner, who has years of experience which have given her killer instinct when it comes to crime. Fearless and tenacious Helen is driven and has perseverance. She has won a reputation for being the best in her field. Helen hides a vulnerable side, grounded in her past, despite a robust and resilient exterior.

On the orders of the department head, she becomes a reluctant superior partner with Gregor Georgi a Detective Chief Superintendent. This ruffles feathers, as Gregor thought he was about to take over a case as head investigator. After a while the two actually prove to be a solid pairing as Helen’s famed intuition is matched by Gregor’s rational analysis and precision. But will he be able to uncover her mysterious past?” 

Helen Dorn Cast: 

Anna Loos ~ Helen Dorn

Matthias Matschke ~ Gregor Giorgi 

Ernst Stötzner ~ Richard Dorn

Tristan Seith ~ Weyer

Daniel Friedrich ~ Falk Mattheissen 

This is a gritty crime drama set in the city of Düsseldorf, which unflinchingly tackles some sensitive and challenging contemporary issues. Each case lasts an episode. Surrounding and running through these are Helen’s own story. Fair to say that this show is noir and most definitely not a bundle of laughs; characters are generally dour (perhaps typical of the area in which it is set…) The main cast are really strong with many guest actors adding to the mix. There is some clever, complex and thoughtful writing and impressive cinematography. 

Recommended viewing for those who enjoy the genre, a German noir atmosphere and a strong female lead. 

Link to trailer for The Third Girl (Das Dritte Mädchen) E:1 of the series. This is in German with no English subtitles but gives a good idea of the show:


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