Inhuman Resources: Netflix ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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Photo montage of Inhuman Resources (Derapages). Left side main photo is Netflix poster for the show. 8 other photos show scenes from the show.
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Inhuman Resources is a French TV series first shown on Arte. The show was an enormous success and now available on Netflix internationally. It stars Eric Cantona who was once a footballer but is now a respected actor and producer.

Based on the novel Cadres Noir by Pierre Lemaitre who co-wrote the show with Petrine Margaine with input from Zaid Doueri. Doueri also directed all of the episodes. 6 x 49-59’ Inhuman Resources is available subtitled and dubbed. 

Alain Delambre (Éric Cantona) is a 57-year-old former senior executive, worn out and humiliated by six years of unemployment. Everything changes however when a prestigious company selects him as a candidate. He is prepared to betray his wife, deceive and steal from a pregnant daughter and physically attack his son-in-law. If he is hired, he knows that all will be forgiven. He will break the law in order to take part in a role-play for executives. The role-play is of the hostage-taking kind and nothing will go as planned.

Inhuman Resources ~ Cast: 

Eric Cantona ~ Alain Delambre

Suzanne Clément ~ Nicole Delambre

Alex Lutz ~ Alexandre Dorfmann 

Gustavo Kerven ~ Charles Bresson

Alice Lencquesaing ~ Lucie Delambre 

Louise Coldefy ~ Mathilde Delambre 

Adama Niane ~ David Fontana 


Inhuman Resources is, to a degree, based upon a true story. Some years ago a company did set up a hostage-taking as a recruitment test and this knowledge makes the show even more hard-hitting.

Alain is truly an unlikeable character. You can see why the writer didn’t want someone with Eric Cantona’s charisma in the role but it pays off. He is a powerful and convincing actor with good range, who can be physically intimidating and fiercely angry.

Inhuman Resources is well executed and makes for easy binge watching (I should know). Apart from Eric Cantona himself all the supporting actors are perfectly cast.

This is a bizarre story in many ways. The way the story is written to be open-ended teasing the possibility for a part two and leaves us wanting more.

The cinematography in this show is very impressive. The directorial decisions are interesting, especially the flash forward scenes.

I would recommend this for an interesting and unpredictable watch.

Trailer in French with English subtitles:

Trailer with English dubbing and Dutch subtitles:

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