Quicksand: Netflix ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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(By Gina Meardon)

Quicksand is a Swedish Netflix Original Series. 6 episodes, 45 minutes. 1 Season. Crime Drama. 18 Cert U.K. Available with subtitles and dubbing.


After a school shooting in Stockholm’s wealthiest suburb, Danderyd, the seemingly normal 18-year-old Maja is accused of murder. During the trial details of her relationship with 5 other students, parents and a teacher are revealed. Is she really the murderer or just another victim? Based on the Swedish novel “Störst av allt” by Malin Persson Giolito.


Hanna Ardéhn – Maja Norberg
Felix Sandman – Sebastian Fagerman
David Dencik – Peder Sander
Maria Sundbom Lörelius – Lena Pärsson
Ella Rappich – Amanda Stearn
William Spetz – Samir Said
Evin Ahmed – Evin Orak
Reuben Sallmander – Claes Fagerman
Kalled Mustonen – Kalle


Writers: Camilla Ahlgren, Malin Persson Giolito
Directors: Per Olav Sørensen, Lisa Farzaneh


The opening sequence of episode 1 is uncompromising and brutal, with the sound of the classroom shooting and its immediate aftermath. You then see a blood covered Maja arrested for the murders of her teacher and several classmates. Thus begins this gripping award-winning mini series, Quicksand. Whilst Maja is held in custody awaiting trial the story is told in flashbacks, and leaves you guessing about what really happened right until the final episode.

At times during the flashbacks it felt like you were watching the kids from Beverley Hills 90210, because these white Swedish kids are privileged with a capital P. Designer clothes, designer houses, designer cars, even yachts. Parents lavishing money (in some cases) to make up for lack of parental interest.

Spoilt kids with too much of everything and not a care in the world. Yes and no. They are still teenagers finding their way in the world with the same angst and fears of the far less privileged. It soon becomes clear that some are struggling mentally with having too much, way too soon.

Drugs are easy to come by, with far reaching consequences. There are stereotypes. Samir, the bright Asian boy, tells everyone his parents are doctors when, in fact, they are anything but, and he is at the school through a scholarship. He faces racial abuse by fellow students which is uncomfortable viewing.

The other stereotype I found uncomfortable (and annoying to be honest) was the one token boy of colour, Dennis, who was the school’s ‘go to’ drug dealer. I felt disappointed with that casting decision.

Those issues aside the story of Quicksand is absorbing. Maja’s legal team are led by that superb actor David Dencik (Chernobyl) and Evin Ahmed (The Rain). Kalled Mustonen, plays prison guard Kalle. All the acting is top notch and it is a series that will leave you impatient for the next episode. It is also an interesting insight into the workings of the Swedish judicial and penal system.


Kristallen Award Best Actress 2019, Hanna Ardéhn, Kristallen Award Best TV Drama Series 2019
Nomination Kristallen Award Best Actor 2019, Felix Sandman

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