Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood Netflix ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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Image shows montage of scenes from Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood on Netflix. Centre is the theatrical poster.

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Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood aka Oktoberfest: 1900 is a German show on Netflix internationally. 6 episodes 47-48 min. Available with subtitles (close captioning) and also dubbed into English. 15 Cert U.K.


Misel Maticevic ~ Curt Prank

Martina Gedeck ~ Maria Hoflinger

Klaus Steinbecherm ~ Roman Hoflinger

Mercedes Müller ~ Clara Prank

Brigitte Hobmeier ~ Colina Kandl

Maximilian Brückner ~ Anatol Stifter

Markus Krojer ~ Ludwig Hoflinger

Martin Feifel ~ Alfred Glogauer

Michael Kranz ~ Stadtrat Alfons Urban

Christian Lex ~ Schottenhamel

Vladimir Burlakov ~ Gustav Fierment

Dan Bradford ~ Shaman


Creators: Christian Limmer, Ronny Schalk, Alexis Witttgenstein

Director: Hannu Salonen

Cinematographer: Felix Cramer

Composer: Michael Klaukien

Costume Design: Michaela Horejsí


“1900: A rich newcomer with a shady past arrives in Munich determined to crash the local Oktoberfest with his own brewery. But when his daughter falls in love with the heir to a rival brewery, a violent chain of events is unleashed that will threaten both families’ futures.“

Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood is loosely based upon real events.


Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood is a luscious production with fabulous visuals and great music. I enjoyed the whole show immensely.

Whilst parts can be a little overblown I could completely forgive this because the show as a whole is like a force of nature. Some of the performances are outstanding. Misel Maticevic as Curt Prank, oozes onscreen presence. Martina Gedeck impresses as stubborn and the increasingly unbalanced embittered Maria Hoflinger. An impressive performance also from Klaus Steinbacher (Roman Hoflinger) who shows great range, and young Markus Krojer (Ludwig Hoflinger) gives an affecting performance. The whole ensemble cast are strong. Characters are well-drawn and have some terrific backstories and arcs all set within a period milieu.

The costuming in this show is divine with enormous attention to detail. By way of example: Curt Plank’s costuming with his waistcoat that gives the impression of being blood-spattered. The fight choreography, makeup and special effects are also top notch.

The cinematography is superb and the Director, Hannu Salonen (a Finn) clearly had a very precise vision of how he wanted this story to be shown onscreen. Locations and set design are other strong points with a wonderful combining of these with the camerawork. Amazing aerial shots, panning, handheld camerawork… beautiful lighting and colour palettes.

The use of symbolism and imagery is strong throughout this show. By way of example is the repeated motif of the candy floss (cotton candy) melting in the rain, and blood. Gone are days of sweet childhood innocence for Curt Prank. The show is
also unafraid of turning its focus toward prejudice and “political” machinations.

The original musical score by Michael Klaukien, combined with clever choices of both classical and modern music (Leonard Cohen’s “You Want It Darker” is an epic example) and their placement are impressive. And an extra shout out for the opening credits, both the visuals and the perfect choice of song in Dreiviertelblut’s “Wos übrig bleibt” which is all in the Bavarian dialect.

This is a gritty, violent, emotionally charged, visually beautiful show. Think along the lines of Peaky Blinders with beer. The incision of “Blood” in the title is fair warning, I think. Highly recommended.


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