Undercover: Netflix ~ Non-Spoiler Review

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Image shows photo montage of scenes from Undercover. Central photo is the poster for the show.

(by Gina Meardon)

Undercover is a Belgian-Dutch Netflix Original Series. Crime, drama, thriller. 2 seasons 10 x 46-52 minute episodes per season. Subtitles and dubbing available.


(Season 1) Inspired by real events undercover agents infiltrate a drug baron’s operation by posing as a couple at the camping site where, despite his fortune, he prefers to spend his weekends and holidays. The intention is to befriend him, trick him into doing business with them and then arrest him.


(Season 2) Expands on the premise of season 1. This time the targets are illegal arms dealers (2 brothers) masquerading as business men and horse ranch owners. The stakes are just as high as before but the motives have changed.


Tom Waes – Bob Lemmens
Frank Lammers – Ferry Bouman
Manou Kersting – Nick Janssens
Anna Driver – Kim de Rooij
Elise Schaap – Danielle Bouman
Wim Willart – Laurent Berger
Ruth Becquart – Nathalie Geudens
Sebastian Dewaele – Jean-Pierre Berger
Raymond Thiry – John Zwart
Alexej Manvelov – Victor Bilzarian
Rubén Ochandiano – Carlos


Writers: Lars Damoiseaux, Sachint Goel, Eveline Hagenbeek and others

Directors: Eshref Reybrouck, Cecilia Verhayden, Frank Devos


Undercover is definitely a ‘tale of two seasons’. The first follows true events and as crazy as it sounds, a drug baron turning over a fortune by flooding Europe with ecstasy, really did enjoy living his days on a Belgian campsite! You have the surreal backdrop of a ‘holiday setting’ with BBQs and cycle rides whilst a stone throw away ‘disposable’ illegal immigrants are forced to work in chains, manufacturing drugs in the scenic countryside.

Ferry Bouman is the jovial, larger than life, genial drug baron who adores his naive, trusting second wife, Danielle. He merrily throws parties, whilst at the same time displaying a fearsome, violent temper, bearing grudges and trusting no-one. Bob and Kim are the undercover agents tasked to winning him over, which looks a tall order, except Danielle takes a shine to Kim…

The plotline of season 1 is complex and as it plays out it pulls no punches. Trying to second guess what will happen next will have you binge watching from one episode to the next.

The huge success of season 1 ensured a season 2 and Netflix even announced a prequel film which will focus on Ferry and Danielle ‘the early years’. So Season 2 was much anticipated. The new season sees the return of familiar characters with the addition of a whole new set of adversaries, as the action moves away from drugs to the illegal arms trade. The motivation of lead characters has changed. It is now all about revenge.

The plotline is as complex, if not more so, than Season 1 because two separate stories are running together here and as it plays out Bob is trying juggle everything but the kitchen sink. At times watching him is like seeing a runaway train with no brakes about to derail – which is what the writers obviously had in mind, as things just spiral way beyond his control.

There are some great new personalities and Alexej Manvelov’s highly-strung Armenian arms dealer, Victor, brings some wonderful comical moments to the middle episodes. Episode 8 “Roadblock” is unmissable! A ‘roadtrip’ with a stressed to the limits Bob, contrasts with some truly hilarious interaction between the two characters, some of which may have been ad-libbed.

The end of season 2 lends itself to a very interesting, potentially explosive, season 3, if/when Netflix commissions it. It is a show where you certainly invest in the characters and eagerly look forward to the next chapter. A show I can definitely recommend.

If you have any doubts, just watch the trailers below and I guarantee you will be reaching for the remote!

Official Netflix Trailer Season 1:


Official Netflix Trailer Season 2:


Official Netflix Trailer Season 2:


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