10 Insights From Derek Roberts ~ Actor

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Photograph of Derek Roberts

Derek Roberts and I had a great conversation recently. Here are 10 Insights we have selected from our interview that you can draw inspiration from, no matter what you do or who you are…

  1. I remember saying one day, “Man, if I had a talent, I would never waste it.” And then I thought, “Wait, don’t be a hypocrite, start pursuing music.” I did it because I felt that I could sing really well.
  2. My suggestion to actors… most of the time it has nothing to do with you.  You may not be tall enough, too dark-skinned, etc. You don’t always get to hear those reasons but you don’t need to hear them, just have trust. You can’t do anything else, you did your part. Your job is to be seen. Take your time, do your study and make sure you deliver the best outcome possible. 
  3. I had decided to get to class early, I’m an observer sat in the back, and I noticed the teacher saying, “You guys don’t pay attention, you’re on your phones,” and as she’s saying this the guy next to me is on his phone! The following week, I moved to the front, made sure I got there early and sat in the same seat every time – I wanted to get that in her mind.
  4. I blackout everything else, whatever happened to me prior – I just got finished the day off work, I’m tired, or just dealt with an angry customer. I take maybe five minutes, maybe some classical music or something to take it all out. Then I read the script from a neutral standpoint. Got that from Kathy, too.
  5. Something I’ll never do is lie to get time off for a role and say something like, “Hey, I’m sick, I’m not feeling good.”
  6. I always take a moment to step back and reflect. I tell people to celebrate your victories. Be thankful, because we get so many no’s, so many doors closed. If you have a callback, celebrate! You get an audition, celebrate. I mean, don’t take a second, go have a drink, get a meal. You’ve got to take the small victories in this.
  7. My mother supported me and I always had a roof over my head, clothes, never really needed anything. I saw her, how strong she was, so that made me develop a strong sense of responsibility myself.
  8. Being raised by three women let me see the softer side of things, too. They were able to raise a man who was able to understand the woman’s perspective and also understand that he was respected too. I couldn’t be more thankful, for it has shaped who I am.
  9. We sing Motown songs, in different areas of the city and it is wonderful. And it’s important to for me to have this, because you can’t just be waiting for an acting job. After all, there are so many “no’s” you’ll drive yourself mad.
  10. I wish that people would be able to understand other people’s perspective – I think we all could do that. Honestly, that would change the World drastically because you understand people’s place, and their struggle, and if I understand then I can help to do certain things to change that.
Derek Roberts on the red carpet at the NAACP Awards
At the NAACP Awards

Link to Derek’s full interview from which these insights were taken:

Derek Roberts Actor: The Punisher, One Night in Miami

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IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4920608/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/derekjroberts?igshid=15hpyosm8478v

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