9 Insights from David S. Lindgren ~ Actor

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Headshot of David S. Lindgren. Photo Credit: Daniel Gual
Photo Credit: Daniel Gual

The actor David S. Lindgren and I recently had a great conversation! Here are 9 Insights that we have selected for you from our interview. Hopefully these are useful and great for a little inspiration no matter who you are or what you do…

  1. Well you have to believe in what you’re selling, and really learn about the product or whatever you want to pitch.
  2. You meet all these new people and it is mind-opening and you see a new world which inspired me to just keep going.
  3. I decided I would go home and do everything to get into Prague Film School. My friend, who I travelled Australia with, Mattias, helped me, we had a camera and I put it on some books. We did five hours of shooting one particular scene for my audition. I wanted to be explosive, to have sadness, nervousness, anger, everything they might want so they would see this and think “Okay, this guy, pick him.” That was the scene that got me confirmed to get into film school. 
  4. And to stick with it, to love it all the time even if you have a bad time, a bad year but still have the passion for it and the love for it. 
  5. I learned something from these guys about their culture and film industry in India and Iran, the technique and style. I love to learn more things about different cultures and film because it’s so different.
  6. You can take a little bit of something from everybody and everybody is so different in work, style and technique, and then you grow.
  7. I’m interested in meeting new people all the time because every individual has a story to tell and if you’re interested, maybe they will share it and connect. So if you’re not interested, and you don’t make contact with people, you will never know, you will never have a conversation with them. Maybe you will become friends with them, you never know. But you have to have the courage to ask, to be interested.
  8. I’m always trying to be better and learn more skills for my resume.
  9. Also being healthy, working out, feeling great about myself, having people around me who lift me up, family.
Photo of David S. Lindgren (left) and his mother Ewa Lindgren (right) with a birthday cake and candles. Swedish flag to the left.
David and his mother Ewa Lindgren

Link to David’s full interview from which these insights are taken:

David S. Lindgren Actor: I Am Zlatan, Thin Blue Line

Find David on:

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9571273/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/davids.lindgren?igshid=1kr0laeo32jg6

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